Health Information Week 2021:
5 July to 11 July

Health Information Week is a national, multi-sector campaign promoting high-quality information for patients and the public.
High quality health information can have a huge impact on people’s ability to stay healthy and manage illnesses effectively, giving them a better quality of life.


We all need health information that we can trust. This has been highlighted more than ever over the past year.

We also need to look after our well-being, whether our mental health or our physical health.

In response to these needs, the Health Information Week 2021 project team has decided to include the following suggested themes this year: 

  • Health information for children and young people 

  • Vaccines 

  • “Oh, I don’t know what to believe…” 

  • Digital health 

  • Health information for everyone 

  • Quality Marks 

  • And one exciting additional theme due to be announced in a few months



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